Every 40 seconds someone
takes their own life.


Slovenia is one of the leaders in suicide, since suicide claims 4 times more victims than car accidents. Before the final step, many of them try to seek help, but their attempts go unrecognised.

Many people in mental distress usually call the first available number. These are mostly company call centres, where people aren’t trained to help them.

At Zavarovalnica Sava we implemented the initiative ‘The call of Loneliness’, and working with professionals, we provided our employees in call centres with education on how to talk to people in mental distress.
Nikoli sami
If you work in a company with a contact centre, we invite you to join us in our cause and provide your employees with the same education to help them save a life.

An old saying goes:

»If you save a life, you’ve saved humanity.«

And we believe we can do it together
because only together we’re never truly alone.

If you want to know more about the implementation or want to join this initiative let us know via the form below.


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